Love And Mercy

  • Dokumentar / Drama
  • 1 t. 44 min.
Originaltittel: Miłość i Miłosierdzie
Regi: Michał Kondrat
Nasjonalitet: Polen
Produksjonsår: 2019

A docudrama on the Divine Mercy and the mission of Santa Faustina presents unknown facts and recently disclosed documents with even scientific analyses showing all the truth about the topic in a new light. It proves that Santa Faustina has seen the Lord Jesus indeed, because of the similarities of the Divine Mercy image and the Turin shroud. The film presents the way how the image was painted and how the cult of the Mercy was born and spread in the world. Shot in the U.S., Poland and Lithuania, the film is driven by a number of re-enactment scenes made in period locations.

Medvirkende: Kamila Kamińska, Maciej Małysa, Janusz Chabior

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